SWOPEE Platform Beta Testing

by StivaSoft



At Swopee.com, hundreds of skilled professionals can barter their time and expertise with others –with no cash expenditures! Soon, Webmasters, designers, SEO experts, content writers and freelancers will beable to network with each other at Swopee.com to arrange service exchanges with other top professionals.

Swopee.com is still in Beta. We are inviting members of the development community to participate in making Swopee.com as relevant and useful as possible.

If you'd like to assist us with suggestions, feedback and beta testing during the website’s development phase, simply register at http://www.swopee.com/. With your help, Swopee.com will become the Internet’s premier platform for web-related work sharing. 

Swopee.com is a natural solution for a number of challenges faced by web professionals:

- Circumvent Budgetary Constraints: Entrepreneurs with great ideas but little cash can exchange their expertise with others at zero cost. Your funding can go a lot further by the creative use of work swapping.

- Access to Skilled Talent: Say you are a great graphic artist who happens to be poor at content writing and you are planning a new website. At Swopee.com, you will be able to match your skills and needs with others. For example, you could offer to perform website graphic design in exchange for top-quality content writing. 

- Work Sharing: When the work piles up, Swopee.com allows you to outsource part of the load without affecting your budget. The flexible bartering arrangements available at Swopee.com let you fill temporary manpower needs without the need for funding.

- Pay it Forward: Many successful professionals seek ways to assist others as a way to pay back the help they received in the earlier stages of their careers. Swopee.com is a convenient vehicle to mentor young professionals and provide them with expertise that they otherwise could not afford.

Visit Swopee.com to register for beta testing.


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