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Fiona creates a world where your electronics are an extension of your senses. Use your voice to tap into this artificial intelligence.

FIONA lets you interact with your home and connected devices through your voice. Using natural voice commands you can keep your hands free and control the things in your home by speaking to them.

FIONA is your virtual personal assistant for your home

Imagine a world where your electronics are an extension of your senses. Use your voice to interact with your world and simplify daily tasks. We are connecting FIONA to the top home automation systems, plugging it into your wifi devices and building an open infrastructure to make FIONA smarter everyday.

FIONA is built on an open source artificial intelligence platform which allows anyone to build new interactions, voice commands and connections to other devices. Developers and designers everywhere can help make FIONA smarter!

Inside FIONA

The core technology of Fiona relies on an online platform intended to create virtual assistants. Their strength comes up from a collaborative approach to speed up the creation of artificial intelligence. We have developed a framework that allows anyone to contribute with their knowledge (executable knowledge in fact!) in artificial intelligence and human machine interaction, with the ultimate goal of creating anartificial mind.

We have contacted universities, technological centers and geeks all over the world, and right now there are more than 900 people registered in our platform and counting! If you think that means 900 potential developers is not that bad!

We call each of the contributions a Spark. But all the Sparks don’t need to be so “brainy”, there are really simple Sparks, which combined with others, can give really cool new functionalities to Fiona. Just think of the thousands of web 2.0 services that could be integrated in a really easy way with Fiona!

So, are you still looking for some kind of magic? Here it is, graphically, how the Fiona device works in the real world:


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