Get 40% Off Your First Year of Managed WordPress Hosting from BlogDroid

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BlogDroid WordPress Hosting

BlogDroid WordPress Hosting

We love WordPress as much as you do!

Are you are frustrated by downtime, slowness, and unhelpful hosts? We were too, so we created BlogDroid - a speedy and secure hosting solution custom built for WordPress and run by a team of super-smart WordPress experts.

A special deal for the TNW Market

Our standard hosting plan usually costs $25 per month. With this offer for the TNW Market, you'll get 40% off and pay only $15 per month for your first year of hosting. That's a total savings of $120 for the year!

Our custom WordPress-centric control panel

Try BlogDroid now and experience:

  • Fast, secure & reliable servers: Optimized specifically for WordPress and built with a focus on server security.
  • Expert WordPress support: Ask us anything! We are your go-to team for anything WordPress-related.
  • Managed WordPress updates: Let us handle your core WP and plugin upgrades so you never need to worry about them again. (You can also handle them on your own too, if you are into that.)
  • Automated daily backups: No need to spend extra bucks on a backup solution with our automatic off-site backups. Your data is safe with us and any necessary restores are a snap.
  • Development sites: Want to test a new plugin or theme without messing up your live site? That's a piece of cake on BlogDroid.
  • Free migrations: Many hosts charge $$$ to migrate your site. On BlogDroid it is free as long as your site is on WordPress 3.0 or higher. We even do Multisite.
  • Vetted WordPress themes and plugins: We have hand-picked our favorites so you don't have to comb through the dizzying array of options. (Plus you can also use ANY plugin or WP theme - we do not have restrictions. )
  • 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and response: We have your back!
  • DNS hosting: Don't know what DNS is? No need on BlogDroid, we handle ALL your technical needs.
  • Email service: We'll give you up to 50 mailboxes per domain and include webmail to boot.

BlogDroid Loves WordPress


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