free Pro Bono design(free graphic,web,identity and print designfor non profits)!

by Dezinelife LLC.

Pro Bono

Pro Bono

Pro Bono design(designing for the public good) is a great to serve the community and people around us.our company tagline:

"Design your life!" is useless without paying respeect and giving back to our community,so we took the initiative to help

the non profit organisations around the  world to fulfill their dreams by helping them build their identity,creating print,

web,designing awesome T-shirts and graphic design work,withot taking any fees for ou service.Besides having a strong cause, a 

non profit organisation need to visually attract people to support for their cause.This is where we can help you to create a 

strong impact.Helping non profitorganisation is  also a great way to to contribute in them.even though we are a very young 

company, our strong ties and roots to ordinary people helps us to understand the huge responsibility that non profit organisations

have in help rebuild the future of the Earth.Projects for non profit organiations are our first priority,Konwing that a non

profit organisation might have limited funding,the impact it provides to the public is of enoromus importance,keeping that in 

mind we will design compelling design with the quality it deserves(the best).

If you have a non profit organisation,limited funding and still have a good cause,why not come to us?We will ask you the

first qustion we like to ask any clients"Can we be a family?" 

Email us or directly to the

Phone:+8801826349435(UTC +06:00 Dhaka)    


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