The smartest way to manage large file transfers. WeTransfer Plus for 25% OFF

by WeTransfer

WeTransfer Plus

WeTransfer Plus

Smart. Simple. Snappy. Manage your big file transfers with WeTransfer Plus. 

WeTransfer is an online file-transferring platform with beautiful backgrounds, where you send it, we transfer. There's no hassle, no stress. 

Upgrade your productivity with WeTransfer Plus

  • Supersized transfers.
    Transfer entire HD videos, huge sets of photos and big work files easily in one go (up to 5GB). 
  • Full control over your transfers.
  • Store all your transfers in a neat overview, and keep them as long as you like. Share, resend, delete them anytime.
  • Impress with your personalized download page. 
    Send your transfers via your own personal URL ( and your custom download page. 
  • Add your own style.
    Show your own backgrounds while people transfer to you.
  • Extra protection for your files. 
    We offer password protected transfers to ensure your files never fall into the wrong hands.

Grab our deal, while it's hot

WeTransfer Plus is priced at just €120 for a whole year. But now you can unlock WeTransfer's greatest features with this 25% off coupon, for as little as €7.50 per month. 


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