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by the {c}0dEd

{c}0dEd Winter Coding Bootcamp

{c}0dEd Winter Coding Bootcamp

Our fourth sign-up from now until Cyber Monday wins a free pair of Google Glass for our upcoming class.

That's right!

Google has selected the {c}0dEd to join their Explorer Program to test Google Glass and build the next generation of apps for the futuristic headset.
For a lead up to Cyber Monday's online sales bonanza, we are giving away 4 Early Bird offers from now until 11:59PM on Cyber Monday to join our upcoming 3-month coding course. That's $1,000 off the current enrollment costs and less than the price of Google Glass (this limited-time Early Bird sign-up cost is $1,450).  Whether you win or not, you'll still be one of the first to ever to learn how to build apps for Google Glass.

If you're already enrolled in the NYC  {c}0dEd Winter Bootcamp, now might be a good time to gift a coding bootcamp to a friend. Who knows? Your friend might be the 4th enrollee and win a free pair of Glass before they are available in stores. (Maybe you could strike a deal with them so that you keep the Glasses if they win). 
That would be an awesome hack. 


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