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Making photos on the iPhone - exciting experience: save your life moments and share them. To make capturing process more fun and different developers creating dozens of apps. QCamplr - the best solution for capturing, editing and sharing your photos with friends and family. It’s so much different from others apps. Absolutely unique style, simplicity, and bright, laconic design of the three colors (red, black and gray). Process of capturing, editing and sharing photos in QCamplr is super convenient, simple and fast - you can do all of the mentioned actions on the go. 36 unique effects and 43 unique photo frames would help you to make every photo absolutely unique.

QCamplr’s Different UI

QCamplr’s user interface is absolutely different from all other apps, but you get used to it very quickly. Our aim has to minimize the number of UI elements, and let you focus on your photos. By panning the top activity toggler to the right you can start sharing your photos on the chosen social networking service - Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, VKontakte, MyWorld, Imgur, DeviantArt (the list of supported social networking services will be enlarged in the future). By panning bottom activity toggler to the left or right you would get access to the additional features (“Delete? (Delete All?)”, Import, Instagram, Mail, Save to Camera Roll, AirPrint, Copy, Messages, Export) and access to the “Effects” and “Frames”. By panning activity toggler back to the center you will cancel all of the running actions.

QCamplr’s Camera

QCamplr’s camera supports only square capturing format, it has few settings like “Flash”, “Night Capturing Mode”, “Focus”, “Exposure”. You can change camera settings simply by tapping on the icons. You can adjust focus, by tapping anywhere. You can adjust exposure by long pressing anywhere. To switch between cameras simply double tap anywhere. To close camera simply swipe the preview window up.

Delete? (Delete All?)

Let’s take an example of “Delete? (Delete All?)” feature, and see how easy to use gestures for cleaning up your photo collection in QCamplr. Drag bottom activity toggler to the left on the trash icon, you’ll enter into the edit mode immediately. You gonna see the (Delete All?) button first. If you want to delete particular photos just find them in your photos grid, and tap on them to select, button will change its title to “Delete?” and number of selected photos will appear in the right corner of the bar, to deselect particular photos just tap on it again. To exit from edit mode, just swipe or drag/pan trash icon to the center. Its a default behavior for all of the processes inside the QCamplr: dragging toggler to the corners will enter you into the particular mode, dragging toggler to the center will cancel all currently active actions.

Settings. Photo publishing on social networking services and additional features

QCamplr does not have any settings. Icon on the top right corner will open a panel, where you can chose active social networking service and additional feature. By tapping on the QCamplr’s application icon, you will open a getting started guide that would help you to discover all of the QCamplr’s features in 2 minutes. On the tenth page of the guide you’ll find a quick video guide, that would visually present information that you just read.

To Pay or not to pay?

QCamplr is a free application. Anyone can download it and use it with good set of social networking services (Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, VKontakte), additional features (“Delete?” (Delete All?), Import, Instagram, Mail, Save to Camera Roll). QCamplr is coming packed with 12 unique effects and photo frames. Only for $0.99 you can unlock full version - more social networking services and features, lots of effects and photo frames.

Get free effects and frames in QCamplr

Doesn’t matter if you purchased full version or not, you still would be able to get free effects and frames. The number of free items will increase rapidly.

In conclusion, we wish to all of the amateur photographers more stunning, interesting and unique photos. Let QCamplr help you with it!

iTunes: http://goo.gl/IVMU6Y

Website: http://www.qcamplr.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/QCamplr

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/QCamplr

Vkontakte: http://www.vk.com/QCamplr

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/QCamplr


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