Affect undiscovered artists' future. More than Major.

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More than Major

More than Major

More than Major is a music lovers hub where we all actively discover and foster the next fantastic live acts.

We believe in equal opportunities for music makers, because equal opportunities empower new, better music.

We believe in conscious and independent music discovery, because active music discovery leads to a relationship with the artist.

Start exploring and affecting undiscovered artists' future.

We randomly choose an act which gets presented to a user. This music lover gives a qualitative feedback and influences in this way the probability for that artist to be shown to other users. In parallel we rely on friends’ recommendations (which are the strongest influencers of decisions in general) by giving users an appealing and personalized way to say “Look what fantastic acts I’ve discovered“ and surpassing the simple share of a link.

Read the founder’s (Igor Guizzardi) blog post to understand why they're doing this and what's their scope.


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