SafetyLINK - World first and only personal safety device

by Safety Labs



SafetyLINK, a personal security solution protects children, women and senior citizens when in danger.

SafetyLINK brings the power of Bluetooth, wireless internet, social networking and crowdsourcing together to create a safety network where people come together to help each other.  SafetyLINK is an industry-first community based public safety solution which greatly enhances public safety. The SafetyLINK community is formed of friends, family, coworkers and neighbours invited by members.

When in need a user conveniently presses  and holds the SafetyLINK button for 3 seconds, SafetyLINK sends for help to the SafetyLINK community, to a 24x7 monitoring station and if needed, to the emergency services. The SOS is sent to the SafetyLINK cloud server which identifies people within the  SafetyLINK community nearby to where help is required.

SafetyLINK's automatic fall detector safeguards senior citizens by detecting their safety and automatically calls for help. The automotive version of the personal safety equipment detects accidents and automatically informs 911 and the SafetyLINK network.

SafetyLINK comes with easy to use and discreet accessories such as a key fob, a clip-on, a pendant and a wrist band, making it easy and convenient to access the SafetyLINK network.

SafetyLINK personal safety device makes people productive by providing many convenient features:

1.  Find your mobile - When you cannot find your mobile device, press the button on the SafetyLINK device and the phone rings.

2.  Find your keys - When you cannot find your keys, click on SafetyLINK App and the keyfob beeps until it is found.

3.  Don't lose your mobile or keys - When you walk away without your mobile or the key fob the other device beeps.

4.  Don't ever miss a call - SafetyLINK device beeps to inform that you have received a call, email or a text message on your mobile phone.

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