Transfer your website to WordPress

by Kenton Web Design Studio



Let me tell you this. If you are looking around, trying to locate someone, a freelancer or team to help you migrate and transfer your website, it's content, images, links, files, and everything else in between....

Stop Searching!

It's quite simple really. Site2WP is a first of its kind service that allows anyone, with any website to hire a professional and experience team that will move and migrate your entire website (with content) over to WordPress for one low price. We charge a low $795 fee for websites with around 20 pages, and 100 blog posts. Websites can be on other platforms such as Drupal, Joomla, or Tumblr. Each additional static page is $10 and each additional post is $3. We also give generous discounts on large, extra large websites for business and firms. 

What's included?

  • Experienced WP Support
  • Fast Turn Around Times
  • Friendly Staff and Team to work with
We also partnered up with some powerful hosting providers (such as WPEngine, to offer you exclusive WordPress managed hosting service. They provide you with hosting that has been developed for WordPress, they look after the security, technical aspect of WordPress and offer great support from their team. It's a lot of bang for just $20 per month.

So, come visit us at and find out for yourself how easy it is, how fast it is and how low it will cost to move your website over to WordPress. In just about a week, you will be able to manage your very own website using WordPress, update/create/delete content, upload photos, install plugins and everything else. Don't wait, get it done today.

If you are wondering why us? because we have been in the industry for long enough and we're not afraid to guarantee our work. We also know that hiring someone based on him saying you should so, usually works out pretty bad in the end. In this case, don't take our word for it. Hear what our customers talk about us at


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