Campus Crunch: Freshman Survival Guide

by Campus Crunch

Campus Crunch Magazine: Issue 1

Campus Crunch Magazine: Issue 1

College is a leap towards higher education and better qualification. Alike all others crucial decisions of life, it too requires guidance and due preparation. With this sole purpose of lending a helping hand to the fresher in need of advice, we bring to you, “Campus Crunch’s Freshman Survival Guide”.

Our enticing magazine offers an insightful take on college freshman’s survival guide. We are college students who’ve been through the crests and troughs of college. With our eclectic experiences, we are here to accompany you in the joy ride of college life, taking every step to make your college life fun and enjoyable.

A practical guide to surviving in the college, this magazine addresses all the possible issues which may hitch you, as a fresher. Crunch’s Freshman Survival Guide  has everything a college student needs to know, talks about and is interested in be it the basics of college behaviour, fresher’s party, craze of joining societies, internships, earning extra money while studying, information on summer schools or more serious issues like drug abuse and ragging. It’s all packed in one magazine.

Table of Content:

Freshman Survival:

  • A day in the life of college
  • The different species of freshers
  • Your campus! Your home! Your life
  • College behaviour basics
  • Anti Ragging
  • A stitch in time, saves nine
  • It’s your life but so do your parents
  • College classes: A new student’s guide
  • Dealing with stress during college
  • Fresher’s party, the ultimate fun
  • Saying no to drugs
  • Secrets to be most successful students

Career Spotlight:

  • Mix of society mania
  • Sign up for some extracurricular activities
  • All you need to know about summer schools
  • The essentials of an internship
  • Student exchange program
  • Link with Linked In

Campus Quickies

  • Make sure you know

Campus Inspirit

  • Want to earn some money?
  • Things to do when you are bored
  • Game of love
  • Monsoon Diaries

Campus hangouts:

  • College parties
  • Ye dilli hai mere yar

Campus Clips

  • Be positive


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