20 Premium Bootstrap Templates from Flashmint - only $19!

by Mighty Deals

Bootstrap Templates

Bootstrap Templates

You've heard the talk about Bootstrap Framework. Maybe you thought it was some crazy military-style approach to web design. Sorry to disappoint, but no push-ups are necessary with this one. The Twitter Bootstrap Framework is a lean, mean website-generating machine.

Simplistic in design, Bootstrap templates have highly organized and streamlined HTML and CSS code, so they are incredibly easy to dive into and customize as needed. With this strapping Mighty Deal from Flashmint, you'll get 20 different Bootstrap templates to work with. That's 20 faster and more powerful HTML templates at an incredible fraction of their original price. How low a price? Try 96% off!

Template Bundle Highlights:

  • Responsive Layouts
    Every one of the premium templates in this bundle was built with a responsive layout. That means not only will they work and look fabulous on most of today's popular browsers, but they'll also do the same on just about any portable device used these days. We're talking laptops, tablets, smartphones, you name it. 
  • 20 Premium HTML Themes
    This rockin' bundle includes 20 different high-quality HTML templates. That means you can finally give your website that much-needed facelift. Heck, you can change it up every month for the next 20 months if you'd like! Or use all 20 to build or update any of your clients' websites. Note: These are not WordPress themes, but rather stand alone HTML templates. 
  • Twitter Bootstrap Framework
    Each of these 20 templates was built on the Twitter Bootstrap platform. That means they're super slick on the front-end for all of your users, and mega simple to follow on the back-end. This simplistic coding framework offers well organized and easy-to-customize codes, while delivering some superior and professional-looking websites.
  • Simple to Modify
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you not just the HTML for all 20 templates, but also the original PSD files! With all of the original files, you can easily customize the look of any of these templates. Change up the color, size or details of any of the themes or images, or replace them with your own.
  • Search Engine Optimized
    Who doesn't want to earn some Google love? These templates are all SEO friendly, so it's a snap to seamlessly work select keywords into pages to help search engines find your pages and hopefully push you up the ranks!
  • Interact With Your Users
    This template collection isn't just another pretty face! Nope. There are plenty of really neat, fun and interactive extras tossed in for good measure. Things like a Flickr photostream, Google Maps, latest tweets, contact forms and loads more!
  • Lotsa Portfolio Options
    Whether it's personal photos, design samples or various products, image galleries are a great way to show things off. Go ahead and choose a slick blog carousel, portfolio, or even PrettyPhoto Lightbox. Or pick from a slew of different jQuery features to liven up your website.
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