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Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck

The pitch deck is a company's best friend when it comes to landing new clients. Full of great reasons why your company should land the account, Pitch Decks are also filled with the latest trends, data and future earning predictions. 

A pitch deck is inspiring, enticing and even potentially exciting. Making a pitch deck, however, not so much. It can be an exhaustive process putting a pitch deck together, even when you have your own template you continue to recycle. 

If you're still using PowerPoint to create Pitch Decks, you know the limitations involved, as well as the overall look. Sure, a PPT can get the job done, but wouldn't you rather offer a more modern approach to a company pitch? 

With GetaPitchDeck, that's exactly what you can do. Take your pitches to the next level by creating much more active pitches with simple-to-modify HTML and CSS pitch deck templates! And with this Mighty Deal, you'll not only get 10 different color schemes to mess around with, but you can save some serious big bucks in the process!

Get a Pitch Deck Highlights:

  • Easy to Customize
    Whether you want to make a tiny change or a full-on overhaul, it's a snap with Get a Pitch Deck. When you purchase this Mighty Detail you'll get the actual raw HTML and CSS files, as well as all necessary PSD files. That way you can easily edit the code and customize it to your needs.

  • 10 Color Schemes
    With 10 different color schemes to choose from, you can regularly change up the look and feel of your pitch decks without a hitch. In fact, you can even easily create your own color schemes too if you want!

  • Simple to Share
    Those old-school PPT files could end up clogging up your email inbox, or not even make it out of your email system. With Get a Pitch Deck, however, you can just upload your entire pitch deck to your website, or even toss it into your dropbox. Simply share the link and your clients are just a click away from being wowwed!

  • Printable Format
    If you need to print out your pitch deck for whatever reason, go for it. Included in this deal is a print stylesheet, so whether you print it or save it out as a PDF, you can easily do it without worrying about any quality concerns.

  • Responsive Design
    Your pitch deck is built on a responsive design, so it's completely optimized for whatever device your clients are viewing it on. Show it off on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer without seeing any bizarre breaks in your layout or design.

  • Browser Compatible
    Get a Pitch Deck has been heavily browser tested so you're good to go in today's most popular browsers. That goes for most modern ones including IE 7-10, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and even Opera.
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