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by Worry Watch

Worry Watch

Worry Watch

Often we worry and get anxious about everyday things. Later we realize most of those worries were unnecessary and some irrational too. Yet we don’t tend to remember these momentary realizations when we worry again next time. 

Worry Watch is a unique journal app designed specifically to log these worries & self-realizations and track them visually. By logging and tracking ‘what might happen’ perception to ‘what did happen’ reality, we may get a deeper understanding of our worry patterns. Such an understanding may help us challenge our worry perceptions and subsequently may help change our future thought patterns in a positive way. 

App functions: 

1. Log details of worry/anxiety event 

- Title: What was the worry or anxiety about 

- Date: When did it start 

- Context: What was the context - Health, Financial, Career, Family, Social, Other 

- Outcome: How did the event turn out - was it as bad as worried 

- Notes: To capture anything else associated with the event 

2. Track worry statistics visually based on the data entered 

- Line Chart: Past 12 months trend 

- Bar Chart: Month-wise trend 

- Bar Chart: Day-wise trend 

- Pie chart: Outcome of events 

- Pie Chart: Context of events 

App features: 

1. Privacy: Protect the journal using a passcode 

2. Offline: No internet connection needed 

3. Quick Search: Search events based on title of event 

4. Advanced Search: Extensive filters to search events based on outcome, context, date and day of week 

5. Reminders: Set a reminder to complete an entry at a later point of time 

6. Customizations: The below features can be customized to suit the individual needs 

- Custom context tag names instead of default values 

- Start day of the week can be Monday, Saturday or Sunday 

- Flip the Outcome pie chart color as red or green for values

Release Date: Oct 8, 2013

Category: Health & Fitness

App Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/worry-watch/id693833917?mt=8


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