Never pay someone back again, kicbak takes a step into a future without money...



Housemates and travellers, how annoying is it when you:

  1.  Don't know how much you are owed by those you live/travel with?
  2. Don't know how much you owe to those you live/travel with?
  3. Have to actually figure out how much you owe/are owed, only to share a new transaction with that same person the next day!?

Answer: Very? You bet!

It's annoying because you're poor on a budget so you value money, but you're not a tightass, especially with those closest to you! You're not going to keep a running ledger of who owes whom... Until now...

Introducing Kicbak, an app that allows for roommates, travelling buddies, colleagues, and close friends to manage their shared finances (bills, groceries, dinners etc.) easily and openly through synchronised accounts. Let's see how it works:


To lodge a transaction, simply drag the person who owes the money onto the recipient of the money (for example, if the user owes their roommate for groceries, they will drag the "me" icon onto their roommate's icon). From here, simply lodge the amount that is owed and choose an icon that best represents what the transaction was for. 


To help organise diffferent "shared finance groups" such as colleagues, roommates, and fellow travellers; simply slide between different groups, you can have a maximum of five synchronised users per group.


Need to split a bill? No problems, the handy inbuilt billsplit function can easily split any bill equally amongst selected group members. This automatically updates each users' financial status with the person who paid the bill.


Easily track your history amongst all of your group members at once or individually!

The way the app is designed, you should never have to pay someone back, instead, just buy them a coffee next time! Eliminate the need for microtransactions amongst friends, ask for a kicbak instead of account details.

Visit the website to trial an online version today!


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