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Though Microsoft has taken the lead in software design with its diagram software Visio. Still someone find one thing frustrating as they need to download and installed the software again and again while they want to access the diagrams in different places. However,as the emergence of web-based diagram application,problems solved.

ProcessOn Online Diagram Designer is such a black horse of a well maintained web-based diagram tool. One of the pros of ProcessOn is,once you have internet access with the computer,you are able to access the documents and diagrams anywhere anytime. Apart from the feature of accessibility, there are also some other reasons that make ProcessOn an optimal choice for diagramming.

Free service to all
A common problem with diagram service is either the high price tag or the proprietary, a personal license for Microsoft Visio can cost from $60 to $100,for that reason I seldom use Visio. Different from the charging software,ProcessOn is open to everyone. Once you have an account, you can enjoy all the services such as unlimited diagram sources, team management, import and export service...

Usability and functionality
Ever since ProcessOn launched, a lot of focus was given to make diagramming smarter and easier. The designer interface looks to be simple, but NEVER simple in function.At the top of the designer locates the menu bar, it provides  access to common actions like inserting images,hotkey for a quick operation, diagram arrangement, diagram drawing guide tour...Under it is the property bar, allows users to quickly change the diagram properties.The left of the canvas is the shape library, covers the shapes from flowchart to UML. There are also graphic panel with some uniques function like diagram history revision,data attribute,etc.

Collaborate and share in real time
Most diagram service in the market has the feature of collaboration,but the actual realization of real time,seldom. ProcessOn is built on HTML5&Javascript to ensure the diagramming fluency and the feature of collaboration and share in real time.While you are collaborating and chatting with your colleagues and friends on ProcessOn,every drag every move,can be real-time synchronized to the ends of your collaborators. This feature is now widely used among enterprises,teams as well as teachers.

Business social network
While ProcessOn is labeled as the diagram tool,the business social network is a great helper that should not be overlooked. The social network is gathered by experts and professionals from different fields, you can build your own social circle,connect and consult with experts,invite friends to collaborate. All in all, earn a reputation in your area of expertise.
Figure.stellasu network

Massive diagram resources
It’s true that the wisdom of people is infinite,the diagram resources on ProcessOn is contributed by users, almost covers all the types, from human resources to financial, web design  to everyday life, no wonder there is a saying: The ProcessOn library, contributed by users, for users.

All these facts make ProcessOn an optimal choice for diagramming,no doubt that there are still many other features need to be dig out,one thing I’m sure is that ProcessOn will be a great helper in you work and study. If you have any questions,feel free to post in the comments.

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