RjDj releases Vroom! the Car App

by RjDj



Greetings from RjDj!

We’ve got some exciting news for you! We’re releasing a cool new iOS app -  Vroom! The Car App.

We previously released groundbreaking social music apps: Inception the App, Dimensions the game, The Dark Knight Rises Z+ and Rj Voyager, which have been downloaded over 6 million times. 

Our new app Vroom! The Car App brings the joy of reactive sounds to in-car entertainment systems. The phone in-car space is very hot right now, especially with Apple’s new iOS 7 in-car features.

Check out the hilarious Vroom! promo video here: http://rjdj.me/vroom/

The app was tested in the Austrian appstore with great success. It reached number 2 paid app in the entertainment charts and number 17 paid app in the overall charts.

Vroom! The Car App gives your car a new motor sound. It is targeted at drivers who have a regular car but dream of having something a bit more exciting. Instead of listening to your own car’s engine you can listen a V8 muscle car or an Italian sports car. The app detects every time you corner or accelerate and replaces the engine sound. It’s perfect for everyone who has a Fiat but wants a Ferrari! 

The app is out NOW: http://rjdj.me/vroom/download

It will be available for a special introductory price of $0.99 for a limited time! 

If the app is successful in the iOS appstore, the team will be bringing it to Android!


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