No time for Google Analytics? Let our robot summarize insights for you instead!

by Indivly Magic

Magic Writer

Magic Writer

Everyday millions of Google Analytics users are killing their websites and they don't even know it. They let their competitors act on powerful insights first and kill any chances for growth.

Most of us are flying blind with Google Analytics and simply don't have enough time to use it properly. The good news is that we may be able to make your life easier and free up time with Magic Writer. What is it? Magic Writer is like the "weather man" for your Google Analytics. No raincoat? No problem. Our software automatically analyzes, describes and discovers the insights that are normally very tedious or costly to figure out. Imagine, every morning you leave the house knowing what to wear and what's happening with your website..

Each written report is full of interesting information and the insights you need to make decisions. There is no need to spend hours glazing over charts and tables; instead you can free up extra time to focus on what matters most to you. You can instantly see how a report looks for your website by signing up to try Magic Writer below.

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Example of the Weekly Report Email:

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Example Magic Writer Report

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