Social Analytics report - How to measure and monetize Social Media: Only £59

by Uniqloud

Social Analytics report: How to measure, manage and monetize Social Media

Social Analytics report: How to measure, manage and monetize Social Media

The emerging growth of Social Media is a global trend of unprecedented scale; the top 5 social networks alone count more than 3 billion users. Social Media Analytics and Social CRM have emerged as important means for businesses to measure, manage and monetize these powerful channels. This market overview gives a comprehensive overview of Social Media structures, marketing sizing, analytics and CRM approaches, key tool vendors and case studies.

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Table of contents:


1.1 Social Media: Definition and Categories

1.2 Social Analytics: From Social Data to Business Strategy Insights 

1.3 Timeline of Social CRM

1.4 Social Customer Relationship Management (Social CRM)

2.1 Social Media User Segmentation

2.2 Disrupting Trends in Social Media: Microblogging and demographic coverage

2.3 Social Media ecosystems: Western world vs. China

2.4 Social Media Market Sizing: Number of Users

2.5 Social Media Market Sizing: Financials

2.6 Focus on Facebook

2.7 Market Size of Social CRM

2.8 Market Size of Social Analytics

3.0 Six Social Analytics Metrics: Overview

3.1 Six Metrics: Brand Health

3.2 Six Metrics: Market Optimization 

3.3 Six Metrics: Revenue Generation 

3.4 Six Metrics: Operational Efficiency 

3.5 Six Metrics: Customer Experience 

3.6 Six Metrics: Innovation

4 Key Players: Twitter Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Social Media Monitoring, Social CRM

5 Case studies across six industries

6 Proposed Framework: 8 Business Goals to apply Social Analytics 

7 Impact survey about social media benefits 


- Excel Sheets for market sizing and segmentation, vendor overview, case studies and information sources

- Complete excel model for market growth/ sizing for Social Media, Social Analytics, Social CRM with documented assumptions, based on 30+ sources. 

- Figures & studies covering market segmentation, enterprise surveys, social expenditures, market maturity

- 40+ vendor profiles and product overviews

- 35+ case studies of Social Analytics across 8 industry verticals

- Links URLs to 100+ information sources: Infographics, blogs, press releases, academic papers, industry whitepapers, presentations, quora threads and twitter feeds 


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