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Do you want to share news about your new app, offer a unique discount to your product or have a great upcoming event? Then this is the place to be. We want to show our readers the best of what’s out there, and provide unique offers to get them even more excited. To be considered for inclusion, please take a moment to select the type of offer you’d like to post and then apply to the right.

Offer Types

There are two types of offers you can post on TNW Market.

1. Early Access Offers: Launching a neat brand new product, or a brand new feature of an existing product. Start here. We, and more importantly our readers, want to hear about it.

2. Discounts, Giveaways or Limited Free Access: Got an awesome existing product that you want the world to know about. This offer type is for you.

It’s currently free to post an offer! But by invitation or application only.

We just want the best products on our site.

Posting an offer on The Next Web is currently free but to get featured, you’ll need to either be invited or you can apply. We are fairly strict about the types of products we post as we want to ensure all products are of a certain standard but also well suited to our audience.

The Types of Products We Love

The large majority of our readers are entrepreneurs, developers & designers, marketing & creative professionals, executives and just pure fans of amazing & useful products.

That being so, invariably, the best offers are for products that either help entrepreneurs build great companies, designers & developers build great products, marketing & creative professionals grow brands, executives manage their business and fans discover innovative useful products that they can’t live without.

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