“Yo, what’s your WiFi password?” It’s a question we’ve all asked, and answered, dozens of times. Happily, there appears to be a neat way around the issue, as an intrepid Reddit user recently made well-known: big QR codes.

Generate a big QR code, frame it, and have your friends scan at their leisure to snag your digital network’s information. It beats shouting out that no, it’s in fact a capital k, lowercase c, and that the l is actually a 1. No, the second l. Wait, I’ll just type it in for you.

WiFi is a ubiquitous quantity in any home worth visiting, and thus to lower the pain of getting onto a network would be a boon for all parties involved.

Here’s what Redditor ‘thatshitischurchyo‘ put up in his house:

In case you were curious, that specific QR code yields the network “PjokNet” and password “pjok1324.”

Now, how to do the same thing yourself? Simply head to this website, input your WiFi details, and a code will be generated for you. Please note that, at last, QR codes have a useful function. If we had learned of this fact before the 21st, we would have taken it as a sign in favor of an impending apocalypse.

Top Image Credit: webhamster