Basic Email Etiquette; move everybody from the CC to the BCC

Basic Email Etiquette; move everybody from the CC to the BCC

Most people are receiving too much email. That is a fact.

One of the most annoying email features as far as I know is the CC field. I wish application builders would have supplied us with a few warnings for that one. Like “You are about to send this email with 700 people in the CC. Are you sure you want to do that?”

F**k it, we'll do it live!

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How much agony would that have saved over the years?

I know a manager at a large company who set-up a filter to just file away everything where he isn’t addressed in the TO field. His reasoning; 95% of all messages where I’m in the CC field can be safely ignored. The other 5% will email me personally (in the TO field) if I don’t reply soon enough.

Problem solved.

I don’t go that far but we do make it clear in our company that it really isn’t necessary to CC each other on everything. It saves everybody a lot of email.

There is one other simple thing you can do to help your co-workers be more efficient. As soon as you get an email addressed to a lot of people in the CC and you want to continue the conversation just do this:

Hi Ralph, nice to meet you (Boris moved to bcc).

That simple. You copy paste everybody from the CC field to the BCC field as a farewell message. You are basically saying ‘I’ve got it from here’.

I love getting those messages because I know I won’t be bothered with it anymore.

It is just basic email etiquette but apparently it needs to be said.

In fact, I think I’m going to email my whole address book about it…

…using the CC field.

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