Millions of visitors and pageviews on The Next Web, more than 4 million followers on our social accounts, over 100 million Twitter accounts at Twitter Counter. All of this engagement creates tons of data, waiting for you to make sense of it. That’s why we are looking for an online marketing analist / CRO to join our marketing team at our Amsterdam HQ. As you’re working on our projects TwitterCounter and The Next Web you’ll be working with different teams throughout the day.

About us:
At TNW marketing & technology feels like a warm bath. We believe technology is the big driver of our lives and our company. The marketing team you’ll be working with consists of an SEO, content/support marketeer, business developer and events marketeer. We’d work hard but all of this in a smart, open and collaborating environment with awesome people, snacks, drinks and celebrations. Oh, and did we mention we work in the heart of Amsterdam, at the hottest office in town?

CRO / Online Marketing Analyst

The role:
You have an ongoing desire to improve the core metrics of the projects you’re working on and are always looking for a data driven approach to solve problems. By using our Google Analytics data you’re able to prove to your team members what the potential is of a proposed change. You’ll use our in-house tool for A/B testing and Optimizely to validate changes to our products and work on creating a process in which this could be automated. You’ll also have the freedom to make changes to our code when you’ve successfully proved something.

Who you’ll be working with:
The Next Web:
Within our marketing team you’ll be one your colleagues turn to find out what would work bests to increase engagement. You’ll be in the drivers seat to decide on this what we need to do or look into. This is really broad from: social signals, to comments and from related stories on TNW to deciding on what the right headline could be for social stories.

Together with our sales team for The Next Web you’re always looking for opportunities to generate more revenue on site without bothering our visitors with more ads. Due to our programmatic advertising integrations you’ll be able to segment users and their interests to serve the most related ads to visitors and drive engagement up for our clients.

Twitter Counter:
With over a 100 million Twitter Accounts and 1 million active users every month Twitter Counter has huge opportunities to both increase retention, engagement as drive up the revenue via conversion rate optimization. You’re able to help them out set up new tests and show them which way they’d have to go.

Next to that are we always looking for ways to increase our traffic of course, you’ll be guiding your colleagues from marketing and sales to show them what currently works best and if there’s opportunity to expand on that.

Who are you?

  • You have 2-3 years experience with Web Analytics, CRO and/ or SEO.
  • You’re data driven and dream about numbers, visitors, conversion rates, revenue and funnels at night.
  • You have experience with Google Analytics or other web analytics packages, you know how the create advanced segments and custom reports.
  • You have experience working with AB/ multivariate testing tools like Optimizely or Visual Website Optimizer, you are able to manually code variations in JavaScript/ jQuery.
  • You have experience working with Excel and know how to create a pivot table, merge 10 formulas (although you hate it and always look for ways not to use it ;-)).
  • You live or want to live in or near Amsterdam.
  • You are able to work independently with little supervision.
  • Bonus: You have some (back-end) programming experience (for example PHP, Ruby, Python) so you can build scalable solutions for analyzing data + can implement the proposed changes yourself. You don’t have to be a hardcore developer, but basic understanding of coding would come in handy.

Want to apply or need more information?
To apply for this job, please get in touch with Martijn Scheijbeler (via email or LinkedIn) and send us your resume (CV or LinkedIn) and a nice letter. If you have any questions about the job, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Martijn either.