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TNW team Work at The Next Web

The Next Web Inc., the media, publishing and events arm of the company, is probably the one most familiar to you.

The company consists of editors based in all the hot tech scenes around the world, who provide fresh content and insight stories on a daily basis that are read by more than 7.2 million visitors a month. And our radiant events team based in Amsterdam, who organize the renowned TNW Conferences in North America, Latin America and Europe.

If  you are a tech/media-savvy, top-notch colleague, with guts, humor and always ready to go the extra mile, please see the available positions stated below.

Open positions at TNW Inc.

VP of Ad Sales & Revenue (New York or London)

TNW Conference:

Internship Marketing/Communications

Work at The Next Web Labs

Next to The Next Web Inc, we have another arm called The Next Web Labs. This where we take ideas from thought to product…That’s right, we build startups.

When we trip over something that is not there yet or when we think we can do it better, we build it ourselves. We have had numerous projects that started little and shrunk exponentially. But at The Next Web we embrace failure and in that way we ensure that a lot more beautiful stuff keeps us occupied every day. And for this adventure we’re looking for people that help us to world domination!

TNW Labs del Sol Work at The Next Web

Why join us?

  • Unleash your inner creative mind by working your magic to shape cool ideas in to successful products.
  • Be part of an energetic, skilled, talented, amazingly good-looking and sometimes socially awkward team of crazies that are planning to take over the world. Hear from an insider!
  • Crazy money yo! No for real: we offer good compensation.
  • Work in the vibrant city center of Amsterdam, with a big roof terrace!

What can you expect to work on?
All of our ideas start with somebody uttering the magical words: “Wouldn’t it be cool or funny if…” From there on we’ve launched and grown in the #1 Twitter stats site, made our own ticketing service for B2B events (Paydro), created a successful push notification app for iOS called and co-founded which is set to change and improve the worlds of PR and content sourcing for media.

Open positions at The Next Web Labs

We are always looking for exceptional designers and developers. Do you think you’re cream of the crop and would fit in our team

Interns at TNW Labs (Amsterdam)
Php Developer (Amsterdam)
Designer (Amsterdam)