The DxO One can now operate without an iPhone, and is celebrating with a price drop

The DxO One can now operate without an iPhone, and is celebrating with a price drop

DxO One, which made a name for itself as a better alternative to the stock iPhone or iPad camera, can now operate independently, and is dropping its price.

A new standalone mode lets you quickly take photos without attaching the DxO One to your mobile device, which are then saved to a micro SD Card in the unit. The small OLED screen on the DxO One acts as a ‘framing assistant,’ which means it tells you when the sensor is ready and shutter snaps.

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Settings like ISO and white balance are still managed in the app, but are saved in the device itself for use later on. The DxO One can also take video in standalone mode, and the OLED display shows how long it has been recording.

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While there are plenty of small, standalone cameras around (GoPro and Polaroid come to mind), none are quite as good as the DxO One when it comes to fine tuning your shots. It also makes it much easier to snap pictures quickly and discretely.

Additionally, DxO is unbundling its desktop software, and will now sell OpticsPro, FilmPack and ViewPoint separately.

To celebrate this achievement, DxO is dropping the price of the One by $100, down to $499. That’s still pricey, but the DxO One is good enough to warrant its asking price.

All the new features come via an update to the DxO iOS app, which will also prompt you to download firmware for your camera.

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