Moving is a huge pain, and finding affordable movers that you can trust is one of the most difficult steps.Unpakt, the self-described “Kayak for home moving,” has released new Quick Quotes and Moving Cost Calculator tools that aim to make it easier to get bids on the cost of a move.

Quick Quotes claims to generate quotes in 60 seconds or less, an improvement on the average 10-minute wait for Unpakt’s Guaranteed Prices search.

The Moving Cost Calculator lets third-parties embed a widget on their sites so that visitors can get estimates without leaving the site. Apartable and Aptdeco are two of the first partners to install the calculator.

Unpakt works with more than 500 moving companies. The company recently added support for five new cities: Denver, Colorado; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Raleigh, North Carolina; Cheyenne, Wyoming; and Davenport, Iowa.


Thumbnail image credit: Africa Studio / Shutterstock