A Newsweek article earlier this month claimed to have found the mystery man behind the crypto-currency Bitcoin. However, that very man, Dorian Nakamoto, has now hired a lawyer to unconditionally deny that he’s involved in Bitcoin.

In a statement sent to Reuters blogger Felix Salmon via Ethan Kirschner, Dorian Nakamoto’s lawyer in Los Angeles, Nakamoto calls the Newsweek report “false” and says the first time he heard the word ‘Bitcoin’ was in February this year. He says that his Internet service has already been cut off in 2013 due to “severe financial distress” and adds that his prospects for employment have been affected by the article.

Well, all that remains is to see what Newsweek comes up with to defend its story (or maybe acknowledge it could be wrong after all). What’s for sure is that the trail for the creator of Bitcoin seems to have gone cold with this firm denial from Nakamoto.

Thumbnail image via Josep Lago/AFP/Getty Images