Online ticketing service Eventbrite has posted details about its full year run down for 2013, revealing that the company saw increases of around 60 percent for both the number of tickets sold and the revenue generated from these sales.

Overall, the company sold 58 million tickets, generating $960 million, up from $600 million in 2012.These sales were from across 2.9 million events, held in 187 different countries around the world. 2013 was also a good year for Eventbrite’s app downloads too, which saw a total of 2.3 million over 12 months. Clearly, the service is still growing its user base successfully, as 2012 saw a total of 1.8 million downloads.

As well as seeing increasing numbers of events using the service, tickets being sold and a growing number of app downloads, the Eventbrite team itself evolved over the course of 2013, going from 211 Britelings to a total of 329.

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