Firespotter Labs is launching version 2.0 of its UberConference service. This update provides a cleaner design to bring it up to par with its iOS 7 mobile app. It has been rebuilt from the ground up so that it’s more responsive and “timely”, making it easier to get from the invite to the call without any pain points.

Other changes to the service include more support for international numbers. If you’re a paying customer, the use of PIN codes to access your meeting is also no longer required — everyone receives their own dial-in number. Lastly, all of UberConference’s customers get a call recording function, regardless of their pricing tier.

The company is also releasing an enhanced Android app that gives users the full scope of UberConference, with the exception of document sharing. An updated iOS app is also forthcoming, but won’t be ready until early 2014.

UberConference for Android

Photo credit: Dan Krauss/Getty Images