Social contact relationship management service Nimble is expanding its offering today, releasing new updates that imports contact data from more sources. Starting today, users can take advantage of Contact Widgets that integrate with Gmail, Hootsuite, Microsoft Outlook and Office 365. The company is also introducing new tools to better understand who contacts are, how to keep in touch, and more.

Akin to being a digital rolodex in a social world, Nimble was founded by Jon Ferrara as a means to help users better tap into their contacts to improve their business’s success. In May, it unveiled a completely overhauled version that was aimed at helping users build deeper connections with those they cared about. This new set of features will exploit those relationships to help you better sell to contacts.

Nimble’s Contact Widgets could be thought of as competition to LinkedIn’s Rapportive. Users can install the widget on any of the service’s supported partners and it will provide a complete profile of any particular contact in the user’s Nimble account.

Nimble Contacts Widget for Gmail[5][1]

Instead of being limited to one social network, Nimble’s Contact Widget will provide contextual information across various places online, including social media profiles, past emails, and other sources. The company believes users will be able to derive enough information from the data provided to help close any deal that they’re working on.

New engagement and workflow tools have been added as well, including “stay-in-touch” reminders, priority indicators, and time-saving features such as being able to add a task or log a note.

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