Unroll.me, a service designed to help you sanitize your inbox from unwanted emails (read: spam), has added new integrations that includes AOL and iCloud, on top of its support for Gmail and Yahoo.

We’ve all been there, having to deal with all the unnecessary emails that plague our inboxes every day. It takes countless minutes navigating your way through the confines of travel emails, marketing emails, ridiculous pitches, social media notifications, random invites, and more. One possible option is to properly train your inbox to weed out the illegitimate emails, but that’s only available through only a handful of email services, such as Gmail’s Priority Inbox and Outlook.com’s Sweep feature.

With Unroll.me, simply set it up and tell it what kinds of emails you want to quickly unsubscribe from. Doesn’t matter if it’s Groupon emails, notifications from LinkedIn, frequent flyer emails, shopping communications, or anything else.

The addition of iCloud and AOL certainly gives Unroll.me opportunities to access new customers — 300 million, in fact. As we seek to achieve inbox zero, perhaps one of the ways to accomplish this mission is by finding ways to quickly eradicate the unnecessary solicitations from our email.

Unroll.me is a free service and competes with the likes of Sanebox, Nudgemail, OtherInbox, and AwayFind.


Photo credit: MIKE CLARKE/AFP/Getty Images