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If you’re trying to sell a creaky old rust bucket sitting on your driveway, oftentimes photographs just don’t cut it. Likewise, clicking through an endless photo gallery of Airbnb apartments for your next trip can be pretty laborious.

Kickstarter has shown us that a good video can make all the difference, but nailing the perfect audio track can be really difficult. Voiceover Toolbox simplifies the process by offering a giant database of pre-recorded snippets. They’re all recorded by professionals, and users can switch out each line in the script to create an original, professional voiceover.

The scope of the Web app is a little restrictive for now. Language support only covers English and Dutch, and the script topics are limited to real estate, vehicles and accommodation. Dig further down though and the customization options are impressive. You can choose from different voice actors, preview your script and even specify the duration of specific pauses.

Inevitably, Voiceover Toolbox will never feel quite as original as creating your own voiceover from scratch. Nevertheless, it’s a ‘second best’ alternative certainly worth checking out.

Voiceover Toolbox

Image Credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images