Foursquare switched from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap (OSM) and MapBox last February, and now it’s deepening its relationship with OSM by adding in an “edit map” link on that takes users straight to the wiki map service’s Web editor.

The link is currently only available to Foursquare Superusers in the UK, Australia, Germany and Brazil, but the company plans to roll it out to more locations in the future.

Back in May, MapBox showed off iD, an OSM map editor of its own.

OSM already boasts more than one million registered users, but the uptick from Foursquare contributors should still be a nice bump for the project. Foursquare, for its part, will build up goodwill with the community for its contributions. This is looking like wins all around, especially if it results in me getting lost less frequently.

Image credit: iStockphoto