Grand St. raises the curtain, opens its curated technology marketplace to the public

Grand St. raises the curtain, opens its curated technology marketplace to the public

Creative technology shop Grand St. is opening its doors to the public after operating in “invite-only” mode for the past eight months. This news comes less than a month after the startup launched on Android, and three months after it raised a $1.3 million round.

In case you’re going in blind, Grand St. has a rotating inventory of five or so products which sell out after a week. Aligning nicely with the public launch, Grand St. is continuing with its weekly product features, but has also decided to expand into permanent inventory — the company calls this its Grand St. Collection: “10 products that have been previously sold on Grand St. and will remain for sale on the website long-term.”

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According to Grand St. co-founder Amanda Peyton, her company’s mission is to “help consumers understand, purchase, and fall in love with independent electronics.”

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 10.43.01 AM
Products from the Grand St. Collection

Peyton tells us she believes “small-batch tech manufacturers are the future of consumer electronics. As the costs to make electronics come down, we are going to see more and more personalization and independently made products come to market.” This is the niche Grand St. hopes to dominate.

You can try Grand St. out on the Web and Android, via the links below. An iPhone app release, however, isn’t coming any time soon.

➀ Grand St. on Web | Android

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