Dropbox today announced that it had hit 175M users at its DBX Conference in San Francisco, that’s up 75M from the previous marker of 100M in November of last year. With those numbers, that’s a rate of about 9.37M a month. Co-founder Drew Houston also noted that they’re saving ‘1 billion files’ a day.

Dropbox hit 25 million users just two years ago in April of 2011, and  hit 45 million users later that year. At the occasion of its 100M milestone, Dropbox gifted an additional 10GB of storage to people that tweeted stories about how Dropbox was being used. No word on giveaways for the conference this time around. We’ll be at DBX all day as announcements are made, so stay tuned for more news.

Dropbox is currently in the midst of repositioning itself as a repository and organization system for your photos. Redesigns of the app late last year and releases earlier this year have made photo sharing — one of the primary ways people use Dropbox — even better.