SeedInvest has announced completion of a $1 million funding round to hasten development of its equity-based crowdfunding platform for accredited angel investors. Jumpstart New Jersey Angel Network led the round.

The startup launched back in February as a dashboard for investors to collaborate on deals and perform due diligence. Companies can also communicate with investors on SeedInvest via a virtual boardroom.

So far, SeedInvest has helped three companies (StearClear, DietBet and LISNR) raise the funds they were looking for. The site now has 650 investors on its platform, up from 240 at launch. It also features 450 companies hoping to raise money.

Crowdfunding is hot stuff right now. A quick search on Crunchbase shows 201 companies under the tag, including startups like Seedrs and CircleUp, and quite a few of them seem to be getting funding of their own. With just three companies funded, SeedInvest is still getting off the ground, but the new investment should help it pick up the pace.

Image credit: iStockphoto