Read-it-later service Readability has just launched a new website and service,, showcasing the most popular content on its service.

Stories are culled from the Readability platform across all apps and devices, which tracks tens of millions of reads per day. The company says that the site is automated, so none of the content is picked by human editors.

You can filter the articles based on the last hour, 24 hours or seven days. Each article includes its own Reading List and Share buttons.


The site continues with Readability’s specialty of a clean, distraction-free layout. Clicking on an article takes you to the authoring site (via a custom URL), and you can easily switch in and out of the clutter-free Readability view with one click.

You can also keep up with the Topreads Twitter account for get the latest stories or download an ebook with the top stories for the day.

Interestingly, Readability’s approach is almost the exact opposite of the new Flipboard 2.0, which arrived last month. Flipboard is pushing user-curated “magazines”, while Readability is relying on algorithms to surface interesting content for its readers.

Feature Image Credit – Thinkstock