Following rumors that T-Mobile would soon “kiss contracts goodbye” as part of its “Un-Carrier” strategy, the company has revealed new plans which eliminate “two-year contracts altogether,” reports The Verge and TmoNews.

With these new plans, T-Mobile claims to offer unlimited text, talk and Web, starting at $50 per month. Unfortunately, these plans actually range from $50 to $110 in cost, varying based on how much you like having 4G Internet access. The $50 plan includes just 500 MB of 4G data, after which you’ll enjoy 2G speeds — which will get you nowhere on many modern sites and services.

For the $110 plan, you’ll get 12 additional gigs, which can also be used through your phone’s hotspot functionality. If, however, you’re not interested in using your data across devices, T-Mobile’s unlimited 4G data plan (for just one phone) will set you back $70 per month.

T-Mobile appears to be banking a lot on their LTE network but who knows how it will hold up, especially since the new plans are offering 4G, not 3G data.

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Image credit: Andrew Burton / Getty Images