Meet the 7 startups presenting today at the Wayra demoDay Barcelona [Videos]

Meet the 7 startups presenting today at the Wayra demoDay Barcelona [Videos]

Wayra, the international startup seed fund and accelerator started within Spanish telco giant Telef贸nica, held its demoDay today in Barcelona 鈥 where, perhaps not so coincidentally, the Mobile World Congress is taking place this week.

Telef贸nica staff, a good number of investors and fellow entrepreneurs showed up at the Wayra demoDay Barcelona to see seven teams from the early-stage fund鈥檚 portfolio strut their stuff on stage at the rather impressive Torre Telef贸nica Diagonal 00 building.

These are the 7 startups that are presenting, in alphabetical order:


Built within a company called Bevelity, CL3VER aims to 鈥渄emocratize the creation of real-time 3D and 3D rendering鈥 on the Web, through a comprehensive and affordable cloud platform.

The solution is billed as an editing and publishing tool that lets 3D professionals share interactive scenes on any online device.


CogniCor offers a cloud-based platform and wants to change the way large enterprises handle customer complaints by providing automatic and instant resolutions using nifty artificial intelligence technology.

They are primarily targeting firms in the telecom, insurance and aviation industries.


Edenes is building a social shopping platform that lets users save and share products that are sold on the Web. Based on which items are stored or shared privately with others, Edenes creates a personalized consumer profile that includes favourite brands, pricing information and more.

This enables Edenes to help online merchants and brands recommend and sell products directly to a targeted audience.


EverybodyCar is a social network for car buyers that helps them create groups, connect and communicate in order to get the best pricing from vehicle dealers.

Registered dealers in turn have access to these purchasing groups, enabling them to send custom offers and engage in conversations.


Gamisfaction has built a virtual 鈥榗oach鈥 that automates all tedious tasks associated with managing social media accounts and profiles: content search, customer search, recommended actions, etc.

The startup鈥檚 tool allows a company to use the social profiles of employees and stakeholders (who voluntarily cooperate) in publicizing corporate content.


Ludium has built a platform that helps app developers more efficiently deliver and distribute video games across multiple devices and platforms.

Billed as a 鈥榗asual gaming-as-a-service鈥 provider, Ludium is a spin-off company from the Universitat Polit猫cnica de Catalunya (BarcelonaTech).


Marfeel automatically converts Web content to an immersive, Flipboard-like experience on touch-screen devices, within the browser.

Marfeel primarily targets large and medium-sized publishers, bloggers, content aggregators and end users.

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