On The Next Web, iOS commands more than double the page views of Android, 32 times that of Windows Phone

On The Next Web, iOS commands more than double the page views of Android, 32 times that of Windows Phone ...

Mining your traffic analytics is a good habit to have, given that the information can tell you stories that you can’t find in any other data set. TNW’s readership data well illustrates the current stakes of the mobile market: iOS and Android are the bosses, while Windows Phone and BlackBerry scramble for comparative scraps.

Putting this in perspective, here are the raw figures, as a percentage of TNW’s overall traffic from the last 30 days of TNW traffic (8 figure pageviews):

  • iOS: 17.06%
  • Android: 8.3%
  • Windows Phone: 0.52%
  • BlackBerry: 0.35%
  • Symbian: 0.06%

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Yes, I included Symbian for fun. Now, what those numbers indicate is that among techies, our audience here, iOS is around 32.8 times as popular for browsing the site. Naturally, it could be that iOS users also rack up more pageviews per user, so don’t use the figures above as indicative of market share, but instead, presence.

Something else worth knowing: Despite being web-focused, Chrome OS accounts for a 0.1% of TNW’s traffic.

Now, if iOS devices account for 17.06% of TNW’s traffic, how does OS X fare? Only a touch higher, accounting for 21.17% of our pageviews. Put another way, iOS drives 80% as many pageviews to TNW as OS X. Given the comparative ages of the platforms, that’s stunning.

Windows, naturally, reigns supreme: 48.39%. Still, among our readership, even with Windows Phone traffic added to it, Windows-based devices fail to reach the 50% mark. In short, you are all a gift to Apple’s bottom line.

For fun, here is a pie chart of our mobile readership. You get bonus points if you are reading this post on an iPad.

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