Today at its CES event, Intel has detailed a new effort that will see All-In-One (AIO) computing reach new market status.  The company calls the push “Bringing Back ‘Family Night.'”

AIO machines sport large screens, a body that houses the monitor technology and the computer’s guts. Intel has new plans for AIO, by adding a battery baked into the screen itself, allowing for the machines to be “picked up and easily moved around the home or office.” In short, you can move your AIO around as you might need, without fear.

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 1.43.15 PM

The company also demonstrated the ability of AIOs to be used as gaming hubs, with phones interacting with them, gaming as a group all at once.

AIOs with touchscreens are well-positioned for Windows 8, which excels with touch-input. Indeed, Windows 8 can be a very frustrating experience when touch functionality is absent.

Intel expects that this sort of technology will bring families back together, hence its headline: family game night.

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