Yes parents, popular payments solution and PayPal competitor Dwolla is going after your kid’s lunch money — but not maliciously, of course.

Dwolla has announced a new, unexpected partnership with a school district in Iowa, allowing parents and guardians to make online payments towards their child’s lunch account. So far, this integration has only occurred in Iowa school district “BCLUW” (Beaman, Conrad, Liscomb, Union, and Whitten), but Dwolla appears to be seeking future partnerships.

The reason for this integration is that Dwolla believes low fee, reoccurring payments are significantly easier to manage than writing checks (yes, people still do that) or having to rely on your child to keep track of his or her lunch money. That logic makes quite a bit of sense to me, as my own middle school experience involved stashing lunch money to save up for movie tickets — not exactly what my parents had in mind.

Whether or not you favor Dwolla, this move to modernize school payments could make the lives of parents just a little bit easier, and as someone who cannot yet imagine the stress involved in child rearing, that sounds like a good idea.

If you’re located in Iowa’s BCLUW district, head here to get started. Otherwise, feel free to get in touch with Dwolla here.

Image credit: Christa Richert