It’s hack day at TNW’s Amsterdam headquarters, and our lovely team has put together a neat little application for tracking the coming end of the world. Sadly, Douglas Adams and his famed restaurant appear to not be real after all.

Called ‘IsEveryoneAlive,’ the app tracks tweets from around the world, city by city, letting you quickly drill into a location, so that when the time comes, and we all perish due to one catastrophic disaster or another, you can monitor the suffering in real time.

Here’s a shot of the bad boy in use:

You can scroll through most of the world’s major cities and see what people are saying on the ground.

According to the website, the world ends at precisely 11:11 UTC. Don’t translate that into your local time, it will just make you sad.

The application directly feeds off of the #StillAlive and #EndOfTheWorld hashtags. Join the conversation, and count down to your own demise. Or just drink champagne, your call.

➤ IsEveryoneAlive

Top Image Credit: Ben Watts