Yext has reached the 100,000 paid, active locations in its system. Reaching the six-figure customer mark is a point of graduation for the company.

As a service, Yext allows businesses and other location-centric enterprises to update their key information across a number of online locations, such as Yelp and CitySearch. Using Yext, a company can keep its address, phone number, and other vitals in sync, and up to date, everywhere at once.

The company claims that 40% of listings online are incorrect, and that an even greater share are incomplete. Thus, its service corrects a very real problem: confused consumers means missed sales and bad brand experiences. Across its 100,000 locations, Yext has received 1.6 million updates to its stored listings.

Yext’s CEO Howard Lerman demoed the product to TNW some weeks past. We were surprised at the speed with which updates could be propagated to partner websites.

The company doesn’t list prices on its website, and it has products aimed at several market tiers, so it’s difficult to translate the 100,000 paid listing figure into a revenue number. That said, the company has proven its market.

In its blog post announcing the milestone, Yext included a promise: “[c]heck back on January 15 for something that will change the local search experience.” We’ll be checking back with the company shortly, it seems.

Top Image Credit: Christopher Bulle