Felix Miller and Martin Stiksel, co-founders of wildly popular music scrobbling service Last.fm, have announced their new venture Lumi, which takes Last.fm’s approach to all the content over the Internet.

After a long vacation that followed the acquisition of Last.fm by CBS in 2007 and its founders’ resignation in 2009, Felix Miller and Martin Stiksel are drawing early adopters’ attention to their new service Lumi.

The service is recording pages you’re visiting via a browser extension to learn about your interests and suggest more content that you may like.

Addressing obvious privacy concerns that may appear, the founders of Lumi emphasized that “your browsing activity is secure, completely anonymized, and only ever accessible by you.”

Starting from now, the service will accept “a limited number of early bird users to help introduce content into Lumi.” To get in, simply go to Lumi.do and sign up; after your application is accepted, you will receive the browser extension and be good to go.

Image credit: Steve Rhodes / Flickr