AirPR opens its startup/PR match-up service to VC and angel portfolios, lets them skip a 1,300-long queue

AirPR opens its startup/PR match-up service to VC and angel portfolios, lets them skip a 1,300-long queue ...

PR is a contentious issue in the tech media. Whether that’s really justified or not, there’s no denying that just like any other industry, there are good PR reps and bad PR reps out there – so how do startups ensure they get one of the good ones? AirPR launched in October this year, aiming to match startups with the right representation. Now it’s broadening its scope by offering its services directly to the portfolios of angels and VCs.

Under the program, investor partners will receive a private link that directs portfolio companies to a dedicated, branded landing page. Portfolio startups looking for a PR rep can then fill in their details to be matched with a suitable company. Investment partners at launch include Mohr Davidow Ventures, 500 Startups, Intel Capital, Shasta Ventures, Blue Run Ventures, Crosslink Capital, and Correlation Ventures.

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Assuming there are at least two suitable PR companies available, startups applying this way will get pushed to the front of the waiting list. Applications are put through AirPR’s ‘VMI’ (Vetting + Matching Index), and PR companies can then submit bids that fit each startup’s spec.

There definitely seems to be demand strong for a new approach to PR amongst startups. We’re told AirPR’s overall waiting list currently stands at around 1,300 and that when the new investor-focused system was tested with Blue Run Ventures recently, ten startups signed up on the first day. It’s a smart move for AirPR, too. By prioritising funded startups, it applies a third-party filter to its lengthy queue.

Given the amount of bitching by we tech journalists and bloggers about poor quality PR pitches, as long as AirPR’s service is as good as it claims to be, we’ll be happy too.

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