The news doesn’t respect weekends and public holidays, and every time you go offline there’s always a backlog of stories worth reading when you return. Find the most interesting and meaningful news and reads from The Next Web and elsewhere in this brief round-up.

In the news

  • The big fight begins: Windows XP drops below 40% market share while Windows 8 passes 1%.
  • Apple has joined the ranks of businesses around the world to support the World AIDS Day by changing all its retail store logos to red.
  • Trim time! Yahoo Messenger will lose public chat rooms, Windows Live Messenger support, Pingbox, and Yahoo Voice Phone In and Phone Out capabilities on December 14.
  • Internet in Syria began to be coming back on Saturday, following two days offline.
  • Microsoft is going to add music playback capabilities to SkyDrive, perhaps taking Xbox Music to iOS and Android.
  • A man is charged $1.5 million for sharing 7 porn flicks on Bittorrent in “the largest file-sharing related damage award in U.S. history.”
  • A fresh draft of President Obama’s potential executive order on cybersecurity has been leaked, and widely critiqued.
  • “American Banker” has named Square’s Jack Dorsey Innovator of the Year, praising his impact on payments space.
  • Following exclusive interview with CNN, John McAfee reportedly has been captured, according to his own blog.
  • A slippery slope: UK ISPs have blocked The Promo Bay, a completely legal site separate from The Pirate Bay.

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