GREE, one of the world’s leading publishers of social video games for mobile devices, has announced new international developer partnerships with Brainz, Pangalore, Sun Dried Games, and Vast Studios. These four partnerships will grant the smaller developers access to GREE’s ecosystem, as well as what it calls its “free-to-play knowledge and platform technology.”

According to GREE’s VP of Developer Relations and Publishing Jim Ying, who formerly served as Microsoft’s Xbox Product Manager, GREE looks to “guide these developers towards success by sharing [its] best practices and tools.” Clearly the success of these game developers will also benefit GREE in the long run.

As for the partnering game developers: Brainz is the creator of Vampire Season-Monster Defense and has received $2.1M in funding, Sun Dried Games focuses on character-based genres and created Good Robot Bad Robot, Pangalore built the social RPG Knightly Adventure, and Vast Studios is the creator of the Shattered Minds series.

These deals follow GREE’s recent move to embrace HTML5 games, offer developers an alternative to Apple and Google (Android) through the upcoming browser-based service. Shortly after, GREE landed a carrier billing deal with SingTel, its first outside of Japan. The company also recently announced a deal with Yahoo Japan, for a series of joint content, gaming and mobile initiatives.