Spent the weekend offline? Here’s what you missed

Spent the weekend offline? Here’s what you missed

The weekend after Thanksgiving is an undoubtedly nice time to spend with friends and family far from digital screens. We have put interesting news and reads you may have missed on the weekend in one convenient round-up. Enjoy.

In the news

  • Wildly popular music video of PSY’s Gangnam Style has passed Justin Bieber’s Baby to become YouTube’s most watched video at 805M views.
  • Minecraft will soon be available for users of the Raspberry Pi computers as Minecraft: Pi Edition.
  • The Air Force has a mini Space Shuttle, and it is beautiful.
  • IRL friend finder ItsPlatonic has landed a $195,000 (€150,000) round to build its platform.
  • A new build of Windows Phone 7.8 has been shown off in an unofficial video clip showcasing the Nokia Lumia 510.
  • Turns out there is a way to summon Windows 8â€Čs secret Start Menu of sorts in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Researchers have found that Megaupload shutdown hurt box office revenues, despite gains for blockbusters.
  • Minecraft Reality app has arrived for iOS, bringing your creations into the real world for others to find.
  • MiniManuscript is launching to take the pain out of academic reading lists.
  • Google has shut down dedicated Motorola Mobility sites for Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.
  • Check out the first 6 startups from SparkLabs, Korea’s new Silicon Valley-inspired accelerator.

Good reads

From elsewhere

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