BBC Research & Development has announced a strategic partnership with University College London (UCL), aimed at bringing together researchers from both sides to work on the challenges faced by digital media.

“By bringing together two world-leading research institutions, this partnership will inspire new ideas, help position the UK as a leader in media technologies, and act as a gateway to further innovation,” said Matthew Postgate, Controller of BBC R&D.

The partnership agreement is signed for the next four years. Over this period of time 80 researchers from the BBC and UCL will be working together in a joint space at 1 Euston Square in London.

The joint R&D activities will seek “to advance state-of-the-art communications technologies, Internet research, content production, user experience, and access services,” states the BBC in its press release.

As a part of the agreement, the BBC and UCL will share facilities and resources, creating new opportunities for students, graduates, and staff particularly by introducing internships, student placements, and a staff exchange program.

Image credits: Steve Bowbrick / Flickr